Puppy Heatlh

When the puppy goes home, it will have
  • Been weaned from the mother;
  • Had their dew claws removed (Tails are only docked with accepted and cleared deposit by time the puppies are 2 days old);
  • Had the first round of vaccinations;
  • Been de-wormed at appropriate times;
  • Had a thourough vet check with medical records provided;
  • A health guarantee;
  • His or her personal toy and blankie (with littermates' and mother's scent);
  • A small supply of food;
  • Registration and/or papers for registration, and;
  • Been around people and dogs of all ages, been handled on a daily basis, and smothered with loved (quite possibly already spoiled rotten).


All puppies are priced at $1400. Non-refundable deposits of $400 are taken to hold your puppy once we have confirmed a litter. Deposit monies will be applied toward the purchase of a puppy. The half of the remaining balance is due when your puppy is selected. The remaining balance is due at pickup. Personal checks are okay for deposits but NO personal checks will be accepted as final payment. Checks must clear before puppy reservation is complete. Final payments can be made through PayPal in advance of pickup or in cash at time of pickup.

Spay/Neuter Clause

We completely encouraging spaying and neutering of all dogs and all dogs are sold under a spay/neuter clause. In addition to the benefits of not having heat periods and unwanted offspring,

  • the animal's tendency to roam is reduced,
  • pets become less aggressive toward people and other animals,
  • a neutered male is less likely to mark his territory (or your house),
  • fewer prostrate problems, tumors around the anus, and decreased urine odor,
  • spayed females do not have reproductive tract disease problems and significantly fewer cases of mammary cancer.