Puppies are Here!


Duke's "Winter" Is Coming & Blazer's Star Struck "Madden"

Price ranges from $1425-1450 depending on size, coat, and color. We expect them all the have the similar temperaments based on the parents - happy, loving, wanting to please.

To reserve a puppy, you must (1) complete a puppy application and (2) send a $500 non-refundable deposit. Information for submitting a deposit will be sent after you have completed an application and I have reviewed it.

If you reserve a puppy, I will place a puppy with the appropriate home based on the application.

In addition the 50% of the remaining price of the puppy is due at 4 weeks of age and the remaining cost is due at pick up. For example, a $1400 puppy requires a $500 deposit, $450 at 4 weeks of age and $450 at pick up.


Registerable: ACC                                               Size: Standard - 25-30 lbs
Color: Buff                                                        Coat: Curly
Generation: 2nd                                                  


Registerable: ACC                                               Size: Standard - 25-30 lbs
Color: Red                                                        Coat: Wavy
Generation: 2nd                                                  

Also we are looking for a stud that carries chocolate, possibly for a future breeding (not this year).