Duke's Cockapoos

No Puppies until 2020

Possible Spring 2020 Puppies (not confirmed)
Shuri x Mr. Miyagi

Any Color Possible (Buff, Red, Black, Brown, and Partis)

Mr. Miyagi

Reservations for this Litter

Duke's Cockapoos - VA - Red Parti Girl Reserved

Singh Family - VA - Allergies - prefers Red or Apricot 

Chase Family - VA 

Powers Family - VA - prefers black male 

Friedman Family - DC - prefers mini

Additional deposits and reservations will be accepted after puppy arrival.

To be added to our waiting list please fill out the puppy application.  We do not accept deposits until we confirm that we are expecting puppies.  Puppies are priced at $1500.

Waiting List for Future Litter

King Family – VA – prefers Black or Chocolate Male

Hurlock Family – DC – prefers male

DePasquale Family- VA – prefers female

Leonard Family – VA – prefers female

DesChamps – VA – prefers Male

Haught – VA – prefers red/apricot female

Wright- VA – Buff, Apricot, Red female

Turner – VA – Apricot, Red Male

Wilson – NC – Allergies

Kliman – VA – prefers female

Fernando – NJ – prefers Brown

Whitehead – NC – prefers male (black or parti)

Lynch – VA – preferese male

Tabibi – CA – Prefers Male