About Guardian Homes

There are multiple benefits to a GUARDIAN HOME for the dog, the owner and the breeder. As a breeder we do not believe long term kenneling of dogs makes happy, healthy animals. We desire all the dogs in our breeding program to have the socialization and stimulation of being part of a family. We believe this makes the most well balanced and happy animals and GUARDIAN FAMILIES help facilitate this.

In a nutshell you can purchase a puppy that we would co-own under contract and I would breed said dog during the length of the contract and when contract was fulfilled I would pay to have the pet fixed and sign over all ownership. For each reproduction service the GUARDIAN FAMILY receives partial reimbursement of their original pet payment typically 10% of the purchase price. We retain breeding rights of female dogs for 4 litters or until she is 5 years old, whichever comes first. For male dogs, we would retain breeding rights until the dog is 8 years of age, or 10 litters, whichever comes first. Once the breeding contract is complete we pay to spay or neuter the dog and he stays with the GUARDIAN FAMILY for the rest of his life

Key Details

  • You get the breeder’s pick of the litter! We only use the best so that we can reproduce the best dogs.
  • No dogs are breed prior to being a year old.
  • All vet fees associated with breeding and puppies will be our responsibility. Any routine or injury related vet fees will be your responsibility. Any fees associated with boarding or grooming will be your responsibility. However, at times I may be able to offer boarding services.
  • Duke’s Cockapoos will pay vet fees associated with spaying or neutering at the end of the contract period and transfer all ownership to you.
  • Added benefit, you have the option to become the guardian of another one of Duke’s Cockapoos puppies for free after fulfillment of the guardian contract term.
  • The difference in male and female cost is that fewer matings are allowed for female dogs and female dogs spend more time away from home.


  • Females will be breed for 4 litter or up to 5 years of age, whichever comes first. Females have their first heat around 9 months (varies) then repeat every 6 months.
  • Females come to stay with us about 3 days prior to their due date and stay with us until about 3 days after puppies are born. It’s like a week of free boarding if you need to travel. Afterwards you have the option of (1) taking mom and puppies to your home until puppies are ready to start weaning then they come back to us until puppies are 6-7 weeks old then mom can return home. Or (2) mom and puppies can stay with us the entire time until puppies are 6-7 weeks. Again free boarding.
  • We may breed 2 cycles back to back but never more than 2 cycles back to back. Or we may even skip back to back heats.
  • ALL MALE DOGS IN THE HOME MUST BE FIXED. It is your responsibility to make sure she does not get pregnant during her heats. Only Duke’s Cockapoos has breeding rights until the end of the contract period. Dogs can spread diseases.


  • Males will be breed for 10 litters or up to 8 years of age, whichever comes first. Male dogs must NOT be allowed to mate with any dog other than one owned by Duke’s Cockapoos during the contract period unless Duke’s Cockapoos gives consent.
  • Males come to stay with us for about 3-4 day period during mating then are returned to you!