About Guardian Homes

There are multiple benefits to a GUARDIAN HOME for the dog, the owner and the breeder. As a breeder we do not believe long term kenneling of dogs makes happy, healthy animals. We desire all the dogs in our breeding program to have the socialization and stimulation of being part of a family. We believe this makes the most well balanced and happy animals and GUARDIAN FAMILIES help facilitate this.

In a nutshell you can purchase a puppy that we would co-own under contract and I would breed said dog during the length of the contract and when contract was fulfilled I would pay to have the pet fixed and sign over all ownership. For each reproduction service the GUARDIAN FAMILY receives partial reimbursement of their original pet payment typically 20% of the purchase price. We retain breeding rights of female dogs for 4 litters or until she is 5 years old, whichever comes first. For male dogs, we would retain breeding rights until the dog is 8 years of age, or 5 litters, whichever comes first. Once the breeding contract is complete we pay to spay or neuter the dog and he stays with the GUARDIAN FAMILY for the rest of his life.

Key Details